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Friday, June 4, 2010

PR... Film Award


Attraction attracts… and so is glamour. Those days I was organizing, screening part of a Film Award Night. A very famous film actor was our chairman. One day he called me and said ‘hats off to you’. ‘Astonished I was, lost my expression, such a respected, stalwart, gave me such a nice compliment…’ Sir, what for, what I have done?’ I asked. ‘The way you have performed, I have been watching you. Without any help, single handedly, such a huge task… you managed so successfully, it’s not easy- that’s why I said that, you deserve it.’ He answered. Boosting anyone’s moral, in an honest way, enhances the confidence. And one goes few steps further, in achieving the required target.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

PR- Do Not Move

Do not know what to write, do not know what to do? Moments, if get stuck, does not move- that is frustrating. Just Relax- watch, what’s happening around you. If, nothing happens…remain there, do not move. Become a witness, look around-do not move.


Friday, May 7, 2010

PR- Film Award


Just now, an unknown wind brought an interesting memory to my mind- I was organizing screening part of a film award night. Famous film Stars, directors’ producers, were all involved, as jury members. We were screening, entire thing; at a studio… owner was a very famous Indian Film Star. I used to reach the studio at six, in the morning. Indeed, it was a tough job…managing all alone. All, involved, were big. Looking after my work, which was too heavy and at the same time, taking care of those big wig’s ego…was tough- mine was a, sort of PR job. Work load and extra attention, managing different people’s different mind…was not easy. One of the lady, my editor’s wife asked me- ‘how do you manage-I’d have become mad…you are looking, so relaxed’. I answered- “I am successful in giving my job a healthy end, I am successful in, solving their problems at the same time feeding nicely to their ego. I was relaxed; though tough it was, I am relaxed now…the work is over successfully”. I could do that- because I was always moving with the- TIME


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PR- Whim And Refusal


That afternoon, the Celebrity was relaxing in his penthouse. He said- ‘I am still making films. I am still a hero; he is somewhere 84 or 85 aged. I have money; I make movies to keep myself happy, I am the king, I am ahead everybody nobody can match me’. He is right, maintaining your health, at that age, indeed remarkable. ‘I know people do not want to see me now, financers are not financing my films, no body is investing in my project, there is no buyer, my films are not doing well,’ he continued ‘ but I am moneyed, I’ll go on making films, and why not’. Again right, why one should stop, one shouldn’t.

One should not stop- but, appear convincing, appear sensible. You should attract, keep your magnet, too, intact. Yes, old age too can become an asset…if you are graceful. To remain, to maintain youth if, you start appearing clownish or vulgar- then, people, your audience will laugh at you. Move with the Time, accept the reality. Remain calm- you are accepted.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Listen—listening is an art- one must develop. You cannot do anything unless you listen. Become a good listener. Almighty had warned…’not to eat Te Forbidden Apple’. Adam did not listen. I have no knowledge- who kept The Forbidden Fruit there, who created the snake…who invented the desire- to eat the fruit? Lord has given you a Heart…it comes with desire- now who created desire. Somebody, looking at the sky, yelled- ‘O lord, if you have given a heart please do not give desire/ wishes, it keeps coming’. God is not listening, result…look at the happening around. So, listen. Then only you can perform.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

PR- Longing is the WAY...............


Indeed, it gives me an immense pleaser, when I listen from you. Someone is absolutely right, when said 'when longing is there, there is a way' Bewilderment, ceases my conscience sometimes- 'if / when longing is there'... Why IF? Why WHEN? Negative exists Positive exists- remove one, other losses its value. There are certain hard facts, which cannot be overlooked. Certain reality, whether plus or minus...does exists. One has to accept...When acceptance becomes a compulsion, you wish or nor one has to except- expression become meaningless. Time Person and Place- three things are important, one has to behave accordingly. I could not understand the meaning of the word INDIVIDUALITY. Everything has a price. You have to pay first. Arrange the payment first, How? Someone has rightly said- 'when longing is there, there is a way.'


Thursday, April 29, 2010


That day, again The Celebrity was saying- “you are my PRO, I have finished filming my recent film. Organize a Press Conference. But be careful, no body should be invited…no staff, no guest, just me and press. This is for my Film’s press Conference. Let the press ask anything about my film, they are free to ask. But, I won’t tell them anything regarding my film; I won’t tell tem the subject. Otherwise no body will come to the theater." Bewilder, I was, what to do? I simply arranged a press conference- asked the journalists to ask any thing, whatever they want. And…the conference was a success. Spontaneous decision, with an alert mind, works wonderfully. Here, the subject is difficult, pitch is bad to play but, you have to play- Just Play.


Monday, April 26, 2010

PR- Destiny, Destined... Pain Wil Go


Destiny, destined- you do not have to do anything…you are destined, for whatever ciramstance you are in. When acceptance becomes a completion, you wish or not you have to accept it- expression looses its face…becomes expressionless. Time, Person and Place three things are important…one has to behave accordingly. Again, individuality has no meaning. Mystery of Universe is difficult to understand. Next moment what is going to happen, no body knows. You just have to move. You have to indulge…without getting affected. Just do your work, wholeheartedly. You must indulge and you must get affected. Otherwise, how you will come to know about its taste. When you are in pain, remain pained, do not try to come out do not let it go, catch hold of it…Pain will go.


Why Didn't You Commit A Mistake, Till Now-

PR- Don’t Be Afraid In Committing A Mistake-

Why you didn’t commit a mistake, till now? Is there any doubt in God’s belovency?
Go ahead commit a mistake…commit a nice one, let people say- what a mistake. If you are scare of falling, if you are scared of inviting trouble- How you will win? How you will come to know about life? Plus was at the verge of loosing its identity…minus came forward to save Plus. The more you think, whether you are taking a right decision or wrong decision, you cannot take a decision. Just take a step forward, give your best- do not try to make your future…let the future take its own shape. You agree with me, you do not agree with me…it does not matter. What matter is…just, take a step forward, just take a decision.


Friday, April 23, 2010

P.R, CELEBRITY & ME- " How To Keep Intellect Intact- In A Shattered Situation

I am sharing these experiences with all of you, just to convey… how to keep the intellect intact in a shattered situation.
Once a celebrity…time has passed, with its usual speed- The charm, the youth, the energy – past has taken everything, along with. Old age is present. A whim has refused to accept it…it can’t be- ‘I am still young, my mind is young’. Yes, one can remain young for ever. One has to be with the Time. One has to accept The Truth. One has to accept the reality…one has to behave accordingly. Then only, you can remain young forever. Here, the celebrity is old now. He knows those beautiful days have gone. But, he is still standing there, has refused to come out…megalomania was waiting for the opportunity and availed it nicely. Every outcome is a product of a whimsical mind.
You have to maintain, you have to adjust- You are looking after the PR works. Understand the situation, plan to move the thing accordingly. Off course maintaining PR for insanity is impossible. But, then PR is giving you opportunity again, testing you patience, testing your skill- go ahead, accept the challenge. Just perform, remain intact.


Friday, April 9, 2010

P.R.- The Celebrity And Me

Film premier was being organized, media people were invited, and film stars were all over the party…it was a grand success. Boy, you have given me exactly what I wanted... The Celebrity was beaming. Next morning I was sitting with The Celebrity. He was relaxed… What you have done, till now? A question came from him, bewildered I was, all of a sudden such a strange question or outburst. Knowing his nature, I reminded him of yesterday’s function, which I’d organized…successfully. ‘If I was not there you could not have organized this function’, answer came from him. 'It was your function, which I was hired by you, to design the entire function, as your PRO, and I beleive I did it sucessfully.  If you were not there, not only this function, even your company also, would not have been there.’ 'yes, you are right'...came the answer. No complement, no encourgement. por money, that too not on time. How to move? Do not curse, do not brood. just do not let it affect you. you have ti figjt it out. How?   Difficult situation, difficult people and difficult time, keep testing your mettle. You are a P.R professional. Common sense and self control are the basic essential quality a P.R. person has to posses. It is quite possible, you might break the rule. You might say, to hell with this P.R. business. You are right. Change the rule, for a while. Follow, whatever your mind says to do. Do it… but do it convincingly. An outburst too, must be restrained… it must presentable, because you’re a P.R. professional. Even an outburst, you must be… ACCEPTED.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

P.R...Celebrity and Me- TELLING IS THE KEY


‘What you’ve done…who do not know me?’ Asked the celebrity, I am working for. What happened, sometimes back, he wanted to go to Hollywood, to meet few Stars’ agents there. He wanted to cast them,in of his forthcoming film. Before the journey started, I suggested him to get his interview published in of the foreign papers…so that before he meets anybody, they should at least know something about him. Keeping in mind people’s busy schedule might be keeping them away from TV news, people do have a habit of reading news paper…early morning- I suggested,to go for a print media interview. And I managed that, successfully. After couple of months, when he came back, I went to the airport, to receive him. On our way back home…the thespian informed me that they had published the interview but- ‘What you have done… I am a famous man and who do not know me’ I was agitated but calmly I answered… ‘ you have asked me a question, what I’ve done… well it’s a fact you are a popular man, you are a star, everybody knows you…but just now you are traveling with me, this nobody knows, unless you tell them. What movie you are going to make, nobody knows, unless you tell them, what is your star cast, whom you have signed, no body will know, unless you tell them. TELLING, is the key. How you are going to tell. And this is the place…you hire us for.’


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

P.R.- Presentation Is The Key

What you can do for me, which I cannot do? Asked, a very famous personality, before assigning a job. You are a big man, a celebrity… you can do anything. But, omnipresence is not possible. You cannot present yourself at many places, at the same time. But certainly you can make your presence felt…almost every where. And for that, you do need a man, who can represent you who can convey your messages…with the same grace, who can recreate you fading image, who can inject life into it and who can create a platform, beneath… You can stand firmly, I replied. The job was given. Presentation, matters. Presentation of your thought is the art.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P.R.- like the show- Goes on.....

“And, at last at my wary way I cast my glance at my co- runner, who still kept the cheerful gate…tired, defeated, with a great difficulty, I asked his name…He smiled and said- I am TIME…with capitol T “, someone said correctly. Yes, you are still there in Universe, so Relationship is there…you have to maintain…come what may, you have to maintain. When acceptance becomes a compulsion, you wish or not you have to accept, expression becomes…Expressionless. And so the life goes on… What to do- You have lost strength, you have lost everything…remember Time is still cheerful, you have to be with the Time- you have to pick up where you had left, you have to maintain relationship … How? Use your P.R. skill.