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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Each day, every second Time passes; it keeps moving ahead- Yes, keeping Glamour Intact is tough. And that is the testing time for P.R. Like…101 abuses, patience too has its limit. Just remain there, wherever you are. Indulge, in whatever happening to you. Bare and smile is not easy and…that is the only way. Think twice, before choosing P.R. as your carrier. Yes, it’s rewarding too. A time comes when you are pulled from all angels and then you are smiling, you are managing you are giving result, that too with Satisfaction.
Ashok Sinha

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Public Relation- To Be Or Not To Be

Public Relation- To Be Or Not To Be…
To Be Or Not To Be…What an accuracy. The famous saying, sometimes keep happening in daily life too. Everything comes to a standstill, nothing moves. Indeed, frustrating. When, acceptance becomes a completion, you wish or not you have to accept it… expression becomes a problem, sometimes- How to express? Just now unfavorable time has snatched expression from your face. Bewilderment is all over. What to do? Relax…stay wherever you are, remain there…indulge; do not allow that rough time to escape…catch hold of him. You tell him I shall not allow you to go… Indulge, remain there, feel the pain, become the pain. Try it…rough time will go. You will be relaxed. You are no more frustrated. You have come out. You have got the answer… To Be Or Not To Be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Public Relation

An unique but a very strong tool is P.R.- at a time difficult to maintain- but it's rightly said...'when going gets tough, only tough gets going'- so... here, how I am doing my works-
My P.R. works-
•To design a concept of everlasting impression- simultaneously adhering to a self-made theory- What, When and How with a strong follow-up nature and with a habit of continuously keeping an eye on all up-coming avenues so that my result should always remain- In-Vogue/ Current-•Organized Press Conference- arranged media meet; wrote press notes; trade briefs; slogans; conducted interviews; designing entire media works for television / web / radio / print media- can write / direct- documentaries / short films / corporate films etc.•Designed, initial, Media P.R. works of the feature film ‘Sarfarosh’-•Designing media works for an Australian Media company called TMG, headed by the famous media baron Mr. David Flint, - they are coming out with a campaign- where they intend to give a platform to South Asian Talent, of any field viz. sports; films; literature etc., to be recognized globally.