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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PR- Whim And Refusal


That afternoon, the Celebrity was relaxing in his penthouse. He said- ‘I am still making films. I am still a hero; he is somewhere 84 or 85 aged. I have money; I make movies to keep myself happy, I am the king, I am ahead everybody nobody can match me’. He is right, maintaining your health, at that age, indeed remarkable. ‘I know people do not want to see me now, financers are not financing my films, no body is investing in my project, there is no buyer, my films are not doing well,’ he continued ‘ but I am moneyed, I’ll go on making films, and why not’. Again right, why one should stop, one shouldn’t.

One should not stop- but, appear convincing, appear sensible. You should attract, keep your magnet, too, intact. Yes, old age too can become an asset…if you are graceful. To remain, to maintain youth if, you start appearing clownish or vulgar- then, people, your audience will laugh at you. Move with the Time, accept the reality. Remain calm- you are accepted.