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Monday, December 7, 2009

Public Relation

An unique but a very strong tool is P.R.- at a time difficult to maintain- but it's rightly said...'when going gets tough, only tough gets going'- so... here, how I am doing my works-
My P.R. works-
•To design a concept of everlasting impression- simultaneously adhering to a self-made theory- What, When and How with a strong follow-up nature and with a habit of continuously keeping an eye on all up-coming avenues so that my result should always remain- In-Vogue/ Current-•Organized Press Conference- arranged media meet; wrote press notes; trade briefs; slogans; conducted interviews; designing entire media works for television / web / radio / print media- can write / direct- documentaries / short films / corporate films etc.•Designed, initial, Media P.R. works of the feature film ‘Sarfarosh’-•Designing media works for an Australian Media company called TMG, headed by the famous media baron Mr. David Flint, - they are coming out with a campaign- where they intend to give a platform to South Asian Talent, of any field viz. sports; films; literature etc., to be recognized globally.