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Friday, April 23, 2010

P.R, CELEBRITY & ME- " How To Keep Intellect Intact- In A Shattered Situation

I am sharing these experiences with all of you, just to convey… how to keep the intellect intact in a shattered situation.
Once a celebrity…time has passed, with its usual speed- The charm, the youth, the energy – past has taken everything, along with. Old age is present. A whim has refused to accept it…it can’t be- ‘I am still young, my mind is young’. Yes, one can remain young for ever. One has to be with the Time. One has to accept The Truth. One has to accept the reality…one has to behave accordingly. Then only, you can remain young forever. Here, the celebrity is old now. He knows those beautiful days have gone. But, he is still standing there, has refused to come out…megalomania was waiting for the opportunity and availed it nicely. Every outcome is a product of a whimsical mind.
You have to maintain, you have to adjust- You are looking after the PR works. Understand the situation, plan to move the thing accordingly. Off course maintaining PR for insanity is impossible. But, then PR is giving you opportunity again, testing you patience, testing your skill- go ahead, accept the challenge. Just perform, remain intact.