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Monday, April 26, 2010

Why Didn't You Commit A Mistake, Till Now-

PR- Don’t Be Afraid In Committing A Mistake-

Why you didn’t commit a mistake, till now? Is there any doubt in God’s belovency?
Go ahead commit a mistake…commit a nice one, let people say- what a mistake. If you are scare of falling, if you are scared of inviting trouble- How you will win? How you will come to know about life? Plus was at the verge of loosing its identity…minus came forward to save Plus. The more you think, whether you are taking a right decision or wrong decision, you cannot take a decision. Just take a step forward, give your best- do not try to make your future…let the future take its own shape. You agree with me, you do not agree with me…it does not matter. What matter is…just, take a step forward, just take a decision.