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Friday, April 9, 2010

P.R.- The Celebrity And Me

Film premier was being organized, media people were invited, and film stars were all over the party…it was a grand success. Boy, you have given me exactly what I wanted... The Celebrity was beaming. Next morning I was sitting with The Celebrity. He was relaxed… What you have done, till now? A question came from him, bewildered I was, all of a sudden such a strange question or outburst. Knowing his nature, I reminded him of yesterday’s function, which I’d organized…successfully. ‘If I was not there you could not have organized this function’, answer came from him. 'It was your function, which I was hired by you, to design the entire function, as your PRO, and I beleive I did it sucessfully.  If you were not there, not only this function, even your company also, would not have been there.’ 'yes, you are right'...came the answer. No complement, no encourgement. por money, that too not on time. How to move? Do not curse, do not brood. just do not let it affect you. you have ti figjt it out. How?   Difficult situation, difficult people and difficult time, keep testing your mettle. You are a P.R professional. Common sense and self control are the basic essential quality a P.R. person has to posses. It is quite possible, you might break the rule. You might say, to hell with this P.R. business. You are right. Change the rule, for a while. Follow, whatever your mind says to do. Do it… but do it convincingly. An outburst too, must be restrained… it must presentable, because you’re a P.R. professional. Even an outburst, you must be… ACCEPTED.