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Saturday, March 13, 2010

P.R...Celebrity and Me- TELLING IS THE KEY


‘What you’ve done…who do not know me?’ Asked the celebrity, I am working for. What happened, sometimes back, he wanted to go to Hollywood, to meet few Stars’ agents there. He wanted to cast them,in of his forthcoming film. Before the journey started, I suggested him to get his interview published in of the foreign papers…so that before he meets anybody, they should at least know something about him. Keeping in mind people’s busy schedule might be keeping them away from TV news, people do have a habit of reading news paper…early morning- I suggested,to go for a print media interview. And I managed that, successfully. After couple of months, when he came back, I went to the airport, to receive him. On our way back home…the thespian informed me that they had published the interview but- ‘What you have done… I am a famous man and who do not know me’ I was agitated but calmly I answered… ‘ you have asked me a question, what I’ve done… well it’s a fact you are a popular man, you are a star, everybody knows you…but just now you are traveling with me, this nobody knows, unless you tell them. What movie you are going to make, nobody knows, unless you tell them, what is your star cast, whom you have signed, no body will know, unless you tell them. TELLING, is the key. How you are going to tell. And this is the place…you hire us for.’