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Sunday, May 2, 2010

PR- Longing is the WAY...............


Indeed, it gives me an immense pleaser, when I listen from you. Someone is absolutely right, when said 'when longing is there, there is a way' Bewilderment, ceases my conscience sometimes- 'if / when longing is there'... Why IF? Why WHEN? Negative exists Positive exists- remove one, other losses its value. There are certain hard facts, which cannot be overlooked. Certain reality, whether plus or minus...does exists. One has to accept...When acceptance becomes a compulsion, you wish or nor one has to except- expression become meaningless. Time Person and Place- three things are important, one has to behave accordingly. I could not understand the meaning of the word INDIVIDUALITY. Everything has a price. You have to pay first. Arrange the payment first, How? Someone has rightly said- 'when longing is there, there is a way.'