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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P.R.- like the show- Goes on.....

“And, at last at my wary way I cast my glance at my co- runner, who still kept the cheerful gate…tired, defeated, with a great difficulty, I asked his name…He smiled and said- I am TIME…with capitol T “, someone said correctly. Yes, you are still there in Universe, so Relationship is there…you have to maintain…come what may, you have to maintain. When acceptance becomes a compulsion, you wish or not you have to accept, expression becomes…Expressionless. And so the life goes on… What to do- You have lost strength, you have lost everything…remember Time is still cheerful, you have to be with the Time- you have to pick up where you had left, you have to maintain relationship … How? Use your P.R. skill.

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