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Friday, May 7, 2010

PR- Film Award


Just now, an unknown wind brought an interesting memory to my mind- I was organizing screening part of a film award night. Famous film Stars, directors’ producers, were all involved, as jury members. We were screening, entire thing; at a studio… owner was a very famous Indian Film Star. I used to reach the studio at six, in the morning. Indeed, it was a tough job…managing all alone. All, involved, were big. Looking after my work, which was too heavy and at the same time, taking care of those big wig’s ego…was tough- mine was a, sort of PR job. Work load and extra attention, managing different people’s different mind…was not easy. One of the lady, my editor’s wife asked me- ‘how do you manage-I’d have become mad…you are looking, so relaxed’. I answered- “I am successful in giving my job a healthy end, I am successful in, solving their problems at the same time feeding nicely to their ego. I was relaxed; though tough it was, I am relaxed now…the work is over successfully”. I could do that- because I was always moving with the- TIME